Impulse Boost Camp is an international training course for young people who are voluntary active in civil society

UPDATE: IBC 2020 will take place in person in a circle of 15 participants in a big seminar house that allows us to respect each other’s needs and safety regulations in regards of COVID-19.

We are still accepting applications from Germany and other European countries. In this case, please contact us via mail.

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What is IBC?


Impulse Boost Camp is an international training course for young people who are voluntary active in civil society. During the 9-day long programme you will participate in a variety of workshops that will introduce you to useful tools for your activism. Topics of these workshops cover team communication, storytelling, design thinking, but also contain personal development and stress prevention. Therefore, non-formal methods such as from the Art of Hosting framework with an innovative and interdisciplinary character will be selected. The seminar will be shaped by the active participation of people from different European countries and the EU neighbours, so we can share our stories and learn from each other.

After the seminar you have the chance to pass on your freshly gained knowledge to your peers at home. IBC will provide tools and methods for this purpose.

Impulse Boost Camp will take place from 1 to 9 October 2020 in the countryside of Saxony, Germany (Schöneck, Vogtland). We are going to live in a historical castle surrounded by greens and parks that is nowadays a renovated seminar house.

Impulse Boost Camp 2020 is currently in planning.  This is how we envision our Seminar Schedule to look like:


What will you get out of the Seminar?

Learn new effective methods for your activism

Discover and pass on insights, networks and projects with a peer-to-peer approach

Boost your soft skills for idea development, storytelling and team communication

Personal reflection on both your personal and professional life

Learn how to avoid or solve communication problems

Connect with 20 activists from different countries

Time in nature with healthy food and good people around you


Requirements for Participants

Good English level (minimum B2)

Experiences in voluntary work, e.g. through social and political activism (please do not apply if this requirement does not match your profile)

Sensitivity for global and interpersonal power structures, own privileges and different forms of discrimination

Motivation to learn and to share your own experiences and knowledge

Motivation to actively contribute to the seminar

Ideally leadership position in an organisation or project

Commitment to filling out the evaluation forms after the seminar


Eligible Countries

EU countries, Schengen countries, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, UK



40 € for participants living in a country with average annual wages in 2017 below 30 000 USD (please use the OECD database to check on the numbers of your country of residence)

70 € for participants living in a country with average annual wages in 2017 above 30 000 USD (please use the OECD database to check on the numbers of your country of residence)

Fresh healthy food, accommodation in a 4-6 bed room and learning material included (bed sheets will not be covered from our side)

After the camp, we will reimburse 70 % of your travel costs, but not more than a certain amount based on the distance of your departing city and Schneeberg, the venue of IBC. This calculation is based on the EU Erasmus + standards.

10 – 99 km : max 20 Euros

100 – 499 km : max 180 Euros

500 – 1999 km : max 275 Euro

We will not refund more than 275 Euro.


The application process for IBC 2020 is closed. We received a good number of high-quality applications that our team is currently reviewing.

We will be in touch with the applicants about the next phase of the process (online interviews) at the end of April. Interviews will be scheduled between 7th and 15th of May.

If you are interested in our programme but missed the deadline, sign up here in order to stay tuned about our activities.

Our Staff

Marie Nele Wolfram is a trainer for social activism and political participation. She was elected as a member of the city council of Plauen in 2014 and has been active in work against right-wing extremism and populism for many years. She started the political campaign Informationen für Deutschland and founded a social charity network in Dresden. Nele studied International Relations and has lived in the USA, Paris, Burundi and Tunis until she moved to Berlin where she trained diplomats from all over the world at the German Federal Foreign Office. Since 2019 she works as a digital nomad, hosting self-empowerment workshops around the world and serving as project leader and host of Impulse Boost Camp.

Nele prefers to be addressed by her second name, which is pronounced Nila.

Nikolai Christian Alber is a trainer for political- and media education, teambuilding – and teamdevelopment. He studied pollical science at Freie Universtät Berlin followed by a Master (MA) in and social- and cultural anthropology at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Since 2016 he works for the welfare-association Arbeiterwohlfahrt Landesverband Berlin and trains and accompanies young adults through their year of social service. Besides that he works as a freelance trainer for different companies and institutions such as Planpolitik GBR, Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB), Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage (NDC) or the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. Besides his political engagement he works as an artist within his own music-project Nïer. Nikolai, formerly from southern Germany, has lived in Hungary and Kenya and now settled down in wonderful Berlin.


Don’t hesitate to contact IBC’s project manager Nele in case you have any questions or want to learn more about the project.