Call for Trainers on Blind Spots in Your Activism

We are looking for a facilitator for a 3 hour workshop on “Blind Spots in Your Activism” for Impulse Boost Camp (IBC) on 3rd or 4th of October, 2020 either online or in person. IBC is an international training course for young people that are socially and politically active.



Blind Spots in Your Activism – In this workshop participants should learn how to reflect social power structures and their effects on their own activism (e.g. White Savior Complex, Mansplaining ect.) How can we contribute to the well-being of a community even though one is not part of this community? What is the motivation behind our own activism? The workshop should create awareness, but not demotivate participants from being socially engaged.


Target Group

Participants are between 20 and 30 years old. Whereas many come from Germany, others are born and based in Egypt, Tunisia and other European and neighboring countries. If the workshop takes place in person, most participants are Germans (total number of participants 10-15 // location Rittergut Schilbach, close to Schöneck, Sachsen, Germany). If IBC takes place online, there will be more non-Germans than Germans (total number of participants 20-30).

Remuneration: 500,00 Euros                                                     

If you are interested, please contact Applications from women and non-white trainers are appreciated.