Linking people, encouraging young people, conserving values and developing visions – we need people with drive so that these words do not remain empty husks.

Our high-aiming goals can only be achieved if we work towards a responsible society with all the projects that characterise our foundation activity. The idea of sustainability is of particular importance here because it concentrates on satisfying the requirements of the present without endangering the habitat and natural environment of future generations.

Supporting the ifzw impulsstiftung means accompanying innovative future-oriented programmes and actively promoting the protection of humankind, animals, plants, water, soil and air – for the Zwickau region, for Saxony and beyond all borders and nationally. After all, we only have one earth.

Daniela Otto,
ifzw impulsstiftung


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Donations Account

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The ifzw impulsstiftung has been recognised by the Zwickau Tax Office as a tax-deductible organisation with an exemption notice dated 15/03/2011.

Any financial support of our work is considered a donation, which immediately strengthens the funds for our work, as well as endowment contributions, which increase the foundation capital from whose proceeds our work is financed.

Other options that may be of interest are contributions by testamentary disposition, the implementation of funds that might carry your name, or possibly also donations in kind.

Please contact us; we shall be happy to speak to you in person to discuss the various options for supporting our work.