You too can become our partner!

We would like to invite you to support young people and give impulses for a sustainable development of the region together with the ifzw impulsstiftung.

Please contact us for more information or a personal discussion.


Our partner:
LARS MEYER zu BEXTEN – Training centre Bexter Hof

Sustainable success can only be achieved with a fair relationship with horses as partners and with other sportspersons.

The Bexter Hof supports our aim to impart this attitude to young riders and offers various opportunities for professional training to equestrians and teams from Germany and abroad.


Our partner: Dago Leukefeld, Director of Leukefeld-Handball Leukefeld-Handball

Dago Leukefeld has been „Sports Ambassador“ for the ifzw impusstiftung since 2012. He is one of the best coaches in Germany. Following innumerable successes on the international level and also as coach of the German national handball team, Dago Leukefeld today focusses on working with children and young people to infuse them from the start with a passion for handball and for themselves as sportspeople.

It is our goal, in cooperation with Dago Leukefeld, to develop the future viability of club sports and team sports as well as to support the region actively and to set impulses. Jointly developed youth projects include: the development squad for talented young female players, support provided by Dago Leukefeld in the form of training courses, support in finding schools or jobs, personal coaching etc. as well as the Impulse Week on the topic of ball sports and team sports. Here the aim is to expose children and youths to movement, skillfulness and fun in team sports via play as well as to give sports teachers and educators motivation and impulses for themselves and their teaching.