IBC 2019

3rd to 11th of August 2018,
Schneeberg, Germany

What is the IBC?

The Impulse Boost Camp is an international training for people who are voluntary active in civil society, political activists working with young people or being youth leaders themselves. We will try out project management tools, group-methods and reflect upon our personal and organisational development. Non-formal methods and the art of hosting with an innovative and interdisciplinary character will be selected for this purpose. The seminar will be shaped by the active participation of people from at many different European countries and the EU neighbors, so that we can share our stories and learn from each other.

After the seminar you have the chance to pass on your freshly gained knowledge to your peers at home. IBC will prepare you for this. 

The Impulse Boost Camp will take place from August 3rd to 11th 2019 in the countryside of Saxony, Germany (Schneeberg). We will live in a seminar house where we have our own food crew that will cook ecologically, locally and according to our needs.

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What will you get out of the Seminar?

  • learn new effective methods for working in groups
  • try out project management tools and PR strategies
  • get to know other international projects and working methods
  • boost your soft skills for idea development, storytelling and moderation
  • personal reflection on both your personal and professional life
  • learn how to avoid or solve communication problems
  • strengthen your multiplier role in your community through organising an IBC implementation workshop at home

Requirements for Participants

  • good English (B2+)
  • country of residence within EU and neighbouring countries
  • experiences in voluntary work and project management with youth
  • intercultural sensitivity
  • motivation to learn and to share your own experiences and knowledge
  • motivation to actively participate and contribute to the seminar life


  • 40 € for participants living in a country with average annual wages in 2017 below 30 000 USD (please use the OECD database to check on the numbers of your country of residence)
  • 70 € for participants living in a country with average annual wages in 2017 above 30 000 USD (please use the OECD database to check on the numbers of your country of residence)
  • fresh organic and ecological food, accommodation and learning material included (bed sheets will not be covered from our side)
  • Travel cost will be refunded at the seminar based on the EU Erasmus+ Standards depending on where you are coming from (please check this Travel Refund Overview for travel expenses coverage)

Apply now 

To apply please fill out this form by May 12th 2019. If your application will be successful in round one, we will get schedule a video call with you at the end of May. Latest by mid June you will know whether you are part of IBC 2019 or not. 

Our Staff

Marie Nele Wolfram is a youth-trainer for social activism and political participation. She was elected as a member of the city council of Plauen in 2014 and has been active in work against rightwing populism for many years. She started the political campaign Informationen für Deutschland and founded a social charity network in Dresden. Nele studied International Relations and has lived in the USA, Paris, Burundi and Tunis until she moved to Berlin where she currently works for the Foreign Ministry.


Don’t hesitate to contact IBC’s project leader Nele in case you have any questions or want to learn more about the project.                      

 Contact Nele or Find out more about past IBCs


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